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    This was an assignment where we had to take an excisting Nancy Drew book and reinvent the character. I made her into a secret operative/agent/james bond sort of character.

    First off I did some more detailed thumbnails of 4 possible books and what the twist would be. I went from Sherlock Holmes to western to pirate and finale secret operative.

    The pirate one and the secret agent immediately stood out and I went ahead and did a colour study of them. The pirate one ultimately lost because it was a bit too similar to my Gladiator one that I just did and I also haven’t done a spy one for a while and I did do a pirate piece over the summer.

    Next step was line drawing. Flipping the canvas in photoshop is a wonderful thing as I wasn’t entirely happy with where it was going. However, I flipped it to check the anatomy and suddenly the whole piece flowed so much better. Happy accidents how I love thee. There rest was pretty straight forward.

    For more stuff like this check out:

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